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ReadyGuard covers you if a properly installed qualified ReadyLIFT suspension product causes damage to the powertrain or specified engine components on your vehicle. If the vehicle manufacturer denies warranty coverage on powertrain or engine components on your vehicle because a qualified ReadyLIFT suspension product caused damage to the vehicle component, ReadyLIFT will reimburse you for the cost to repair or replace the damaged powertrain or engine components up to five thousand dollars ($5,000), subject to the following terms and conditions.


ReadyGuard coverage applies only to qualified ReadyLIFT products. For a complete list of qualified ReadyLIFT products, visit www.Ready-Guard.com.

All internal lubricated parts, timing belt or chain, pulleys and cover; oil pump; water pump; manifolds; crankshaft damper; balancer; engine mounts; turbocharger housing, internal parts and vanes. Note: Cases, housings, engine block and cylinder heads are only covered if investigation of a qualifying claim yields evidence that such parts were damaged by the failure of an internal lubricated part.

Automatic Transmission/Transfer Case
All internal lubricated parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator.

Manual Transmission/Transfer Case
All internal lubricated parts. Note: Does not include manual clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearings, pilot bearing or bushing, clutchmaster or slave cylinders, bellhousing.

Rear-Wheel Drive
All internal lubricated parts, supports and U-joints, axle shafts and wheel bearings.

Front-Wheel Drive
All internal lubricated parts, axle shafts, constant velocity joints, front hub bearings.


ReadyGuard covers only those items listed under the What is Covered section, and does not cover the following:

Incidental or consequential damages or loss caused by breakdown of components (or otherwise) including property damage, personal injury, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use and commercial loss, including any rental or towing expenses which may be incurred.

Normal wear and tear to any vehicle part or component, including normal wear and tear any installed ReadyLIFT product.

All vehicle parts or components or property either exterior, interior or otherwise not listed under the What is Covered list are excluded from this limited warranty.

Repairs that would be covered by the vehicle original manufacturers warranty are not covered unless written evidence is submitted that a claim made under the original manufacturers warranty was denied due to installation of, and/or damage caused by, a qualifying ReadyLIFT suspension product.

Repairs required because of collision, operation without proper or reasonable vehicle maintenance (including neglect), negligence, abuse/misuse of vehicle under vehicle manufacturers recommended vehicle operation or of ReadyLIFT products under ReadyLIFTs product installation instructions or product usage recommendations, breakdown or failure of any vehicle parts or components not specifically listed under the What is Covered section, overheating, road conditions, alterations/ tampering, racing (either within or outside a coordinated and legal event), accidents, fires, floods, riots, acts of God, vandalism, upset, theft, incorrect fuel type, low fluid levels, abuse through towing or improper load capacity, abuse through continued operation of an impaired vehicle, or any other losses not specified under the What is Covered section.

Service adjustment(s) or cleaning(s), carburetor, throttle body assembly, radiator or fan parts and components, fuel system (including any and all fuel pumps, injectors or other components), air conditioning/heating/climate control devices (all components and services including recharge, refrigerant, coolant), battery and battery cables, belts, hoses, brakes (including all hubs, drums, shoes, linings, rotors and brake pads), any and all exhaust system parts and components (including catalytic converter, DPF), any and all filters, fluids, and lubricants, any and all lights and or lighting components, manual clutch disc, strut studs, any and all maintenance fees or costs or shop supplies including hazardous waste removal or any other mechanical/maintenance services performed either professionally or by the ReadyGuard warranty holder.

Excessive oil or fuel consumption, loss of compression or power, or gradual reduction in operating performance after purchase, any repairs or actions taken on vehicles whose mileage has been altered or whose odometer has been tampered with, if repairs are/were performed by someone other than the seller.

COMEMRCIAL USE EXCLUDED - ReadyGuard is not intended for use on, nor valid on vehicles that are used for commercial purposes. Any and all commercial use is excluded and will void ReadyGuard coverage.


This ReadyGuard warranty is limited to the first 5 years or 60,000/100,000* miles of the vehicles life, whichever comes first. ReadyGuard does not replace the factory warranty during this period when in effect. ReadyGuard is only valid on qualified products purchased and installed on or after the effective date of November 1, 2014.

*ReadyGuard Powertrain Supplemental Warranty provided 5 year / 60,000 miles on Ford, Nissan and Toyota vehicles and 5 year / 100,000 miles on Dodge/Ram, GM and Jeep vehicles.


INSTALLATION - ReadyGuard is valid only if the qualified ReadyLIFT product was installed by a qualified mechanic in accordance with the applicable ReadyLIFT installation instructions, and the vehicle owner adhered to ReadyLIFT recommendations as to tire/wheel size and followed any and all ReadyLIFT product maintenance recommendations. Proper installation of all ReadyLIFT products includes the requirement that any installed aftermarket tire does not have contact with the vehicle body or suspension components; installed tires should not have contact with anything other than the road surface. The determination of proper installation will be made at the sole discretion of ReadyLIFT/ReadyGuard or its authorized repair technician in the event of a claim.

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE - Failure to perform the vehicle manufacturers recommended maintenance voids ReadyGuard protection. All necessary vehicle powertrain and engine maintenance must be performed in compliance with OEM recommendations and by a dealer or ASE certified mechanic. All necessary maintenance to the installed ReadyLIFT product must be performed in compliance with the applicable ReadyLIFT maintenance instructions and recommendations. Abuse or misuse of the installed ReadyLIFT product voids ReadyGuard protection. In the event of a claim, complete maintenance records of the vehicle, including receipts of purchased and installed ReadyLIFT product as well as proof of mileage and any additional services performed must be kept by the vehicle purchaser and made available to ReadyLIFT upon request. Any attempt to tamper with the vehicles odometer reading, or otherwise misrepresent the actual mileage of the vehicle, voids ReadyGuard protection. Failure to follow the recommendations for maintenance and care of your qualified ReadyLIFT product(s) voids ReadyGuard protection.

REGISTRATION - ReadyGuard registration is the responsibility of the consumer and owner of the vehicle. Complete and valid registration must be submitted and completed online at www.Ready-Guard.com.

NON-TRANSFERABLE - The coverage provided by ReadyGuard applies only to the covered vehicle while owned by the original purchaser of the qualified ReadyLIFT suspension product whose name appears on the submitted and approved warranty registration.

NO IMPLIED WARRANTY Unless such exclusion is prohibited by law, this ReadyGuard warranty makes no warranty or guarantee other than expressly provided herein, and excludes any and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

APPLICABLE LAW This ReadyGuard warranty shall be construed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Nevada. Any action or proceeding to enforce the terms of this warranty shall be brought solely in a court of competent jurisdiction in the state of Nevada, and ReadyLIFT customers covered by the ReadyGuard warranty consent to the personal jurisdiction and venue of such court.


If repairs under this warranty are needed, you must deliver your vehicle to your vehicles factory authorized repair facility, and contact the ReadyGuard Claim Administration Office at 800-549-4620 ext 203 or by going to www.Ready-Guard.com to register your claim. Claims for ReadyGuard warranty coverage must be made within 30 days of the manufacturers denial of warranty coverage.

All claims are subject to a non-refundable $100 claim processing fee. The claims processing fee must be paid, and all claims MUST be authorized by the claims office before any repair is performed or any benefits are paid under the ReadyGuard warranty.
Please be prepared to supply detailed information, including documents and images of the vehicle, and proof of the vehicle manufacturers denial of warranty coverage, so that the representative can evaluate how to help you. All claims must be presented to a ReadyGuard claim representative before any repairs are conducted. A ReadyGuard claim representative will evaluate the claim and make arrangements with a facility of their choice to inspect and evaluate the vehicle. No repairs will begin without an inspection of the vehicle by a ReadyGuard claim representative or an authorized repair facility. No amount shall be paid for repairs that are not authorized by a ReadyGuard claims representative. Upon approval of a claim, ReadyLIFT will arrange for payment for repairs under this warranty to be made directly from ReadyLIFT to the selected repair facility upon completion of approved work.

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