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2007-2016 Toyota Tundra 2.4 Inch Leveling Kit Strut Extension -- 66-5075
2007-2016 Toyota Tundra 2.4 Inch Leveling Kit Strut Extension -- 66-5075
Sale Price: $229.95


Level Lifting Your 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra

The hottest suspension modification on the market right now are leveling kits. Consumers of late model trucks such as the 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra want to take the factory rake out of their truck's stance while also having the opportunity to upgrade to larger aftermarket tires. The new Toyota Tundra uses what is now consider the mainstream strut-type front suspension which is ideal for leveling applications. But the choice of how to raise the front end up level with the rear is important. Some kits alter the factory struts or pre-load the springs which results in a less and acceptable ride.

ReadyLift Suspension is a leader in suspension leveling and mild lift systems. They developed the Smart Strut Technology system which will lift the Tundra without having to make modifications to the factory suspension components. The ReadyLift strut extension is designed to attach directly to the top of the factory strut which translates into 2.4-inches of lift without sacrificing suspension geometry. Adding value to the Tundra kit is the addition of differential drop spacers and hardware along with skid plate spacers. This is a complete package that will level your Tundra exactly like you want it. And even better, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and guarantees to maintain your factory ride!

Installing the strut extension is something most consumers can do at home in their driveway although a professional alignment will be required. The ReadyLift kit lifts the front suspension of the Tundra enough to comfortably clear 33-inch tall tires and is available for both 2wd and 4wd trucks. The following steps illustrate the steps involved with installing the ReadyLift leveling system on a Toyota Tundra 4x4.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
Step 1
The ReadyLift 66-5075 2007-2010 Tundra Leveling strut extension is a safe way to level lift your Toyota. The SST strut spacer is made from steel with a strong powdercoated finish. The great value of the kit is that it also includes differential drop spacers as well as skid plate spacers.
Step 2
To begin, first jack the front of the truck up enough to allow it to securely rest on quality stands. The first item to remove is the factory skid plate which prohibits access to the lower control arm bolts.
Step 3
Remove the wheels and tires.
Step 4
Unbolt the fasteners that attach the brake line and wheel speed sensor from the spindle.
Step 5
Remove the 19mm bolt which connects the sway bar end link to the lower control arm.
Step 6
Toyota's unique spindle design features two large bolts that attach the lower ball joint casting to the spindle. Remove both 22mm bolts to disconnect the spindle from the ball joint case.
Step 7
To be able to lower the control arm down enough to remove the strut, both LCA 24mm bolts must be loosen to remove tension. Do not remove the bolts or the alignment cams.
Step 8
Remove the 22mm strut bolt nut which is found on the back side of the lower control arm.
Step 9
Remove the 22mm strut bolt from the control arm while supporting the lower control arm and spindle assembly.
Step 10
Step 11
Lower the control arm down. The spindle will rest on the extension of the upper control arm and CV axle.
Step 12
Loosen the four 14mm upper strut nuts. Do not remove the nuts from the studs until you are prepared to remove the strut.
Step 13
Remove the strut assembly from the suspension while being careful not to damage the CV boot.
Step 14
You will notice on the top of the strut the word "OUT" is stamped into the plate. Make note of what side is the OUT side which is the side of the strut that must face outwards away from the truck.
Step 15
Install the ReadyLift strut extension onto the top of the factory strut.
Step 16
Install the four 14mm nuts onto the factory studs and torque to factory specs to permanently secure the ReadyLift strut extension.
Step 17
Carefully reinstall the strut assembly back into the upper strut housing.
Step 18
Install the 14mm nuts onto the strut extension studs and torque to factory specs.
Step 19
Lift the lower control arm up (you may need to use a jack) and install the lower strut bolt.
Step 20
You will most likely need to use a jack to lift the control arm up enough to reinstall the sway bar end link bolt.
Step 21
Reinstall the ball joint bolts and torque to factory specs.
Step 22
Tighten the lower control arm bolts back up.
And in less than an hour we have lifted this Tundra up 2.5 inches in the front using the ReadyLift Smart Strut Technology strut extension which not only makes this truck look better, but allows for the use of tires up to 33-inches in diameter.

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