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Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016, Adj. Lift 1.0"-2.0" Strut Spacer Leveling Kit -- 66-6095
Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016, Adj. Lift 1.0"-2.0" Strut Spacer Leveling Kit -- 66-6095
Sale Price: $269.95
ReadyLift Jeep Wrangler JK 2D/4D 2007-2014, 3.0" SST Mild Lift Kit -- 69-6000
ReadyLift Jeep Wrangler JK 2D/4D 2007-2014, 3.0" SST Mild Lift Kit -- 69-6000
Sale Price: $499.95


ReadyLift Has Three Ways To Lift Your Jeep Wrangler JK

Jeep's new JK model Wrangler has become overwhelmingly popular with not only the traditional Jeep culture, but with general use consumers enjoy the many great features the new JK offers. One of the most appealing features being the flexibility for proven off road use coupled with the "feel"? that you are driving a vehicle that can go where ever you want without sacrifice. But there is one inherent problem with the JK models. Jeep's new suspension design, while quite flexible and tolerant of different terrains, doesn't give the owner much room to install larger off road wheels and tires. If you plan to add a heavy front bumper or winch combination, the front end will sit considerably lower than without. The solution is simple. You need a front lift system that will give you that extra fender clearance while "leveling" the vehicle out for a much improved appearance.

Choosing the right leveling system is important. There are different choices available to consumers. Some cheap kits use a rubber spacer that can compress and separate. Other kits require buying new springs that will stiffen the ride. There are even some spacers on the market that require the owner to permanently modify your stock suspension in order to install the lift. In every one of these cases not only are you increasing product failure risk by using a cheap part on your new Jeep, but you don't have the flexibility to lift the vehicle the amount that YOU want!

This is where the ReadyLift Smart Strut Technology Patented 3-way Adjustable Jeep Lift System rises to the top of the leveling kit market. ReadyLift's CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum adjustable coil spring spacers are designed to act as a reliable extension of your factory coil spring. The ReadyLift 66-6095 3-in-1 Adjustable coil spacer is a unique two-piece design that provides the choice of 1", 1.5" or 2" lift selections depending on your flavor. There is no cutting or modifications required. The 66-6095 spacers attach to the And most important is that these strut extensions don't alter your OEM ride!

The ReadyLift 66-6095 3-in-1 Patented coil spacer allows for the installation of up to 33" tall tires to compliment the dominating appearance of the JK. The 66-6095 is also the ideal choice for consumers who have added weight to the front end such as from heavy winch bumpers.

Installing the ReadyLift 66-6095 3-way Adjustable Lift System is something most consumers can do at home although a professional alignment will be required. The following steps illustrate the steps involved with installing the ReadyLift 66-6095 kit on a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

ReadyLift 66-6095 3-in-1 Jeep Kit
66-6095 Adjustable Features
Here we see the unique flexibility of the ReadyLift 66-6095 3-way spacer. By positioning the two-piece spacer as shown you can select between 2", 1.5" or 1" settings depending on your needs.
Step 1
Position the truck on a flat, level surface and lift the vehicle by the frame so that the front wheels are off the ground. Use a floor jack and jack stands or a two post lift if available.
Step 2
Begin by removing both front wheels.
Step 3
Before loosening any suspension components, first remove the 10mm brake line support bracket bolt from the driver and passenger side.
Step 4
Using an 18mm socket, remove the lower sway bar end link bolts to free up the sway bar.
Step 5
Step 6
Use a jack to raise the front axle up enough to release tension off the shock bolts and lower trac bar bolt.
Step 7
Use a 21mm socket to remove the lower trac bar bolt.
Step 8
You will only unbolt the axle side of the trac bar. When unbolted the trac bar can safely rest on top of the mount pocket to allow the front axle freedom of movement.
Step 9
Remove the driver and passenger 18mm lower shock nut and bolt.
Step 10
To give the front drive shaft clearance when the front axle is lowered down, the transfer case skid plate brace bolts need to be loosened. Do Not Remove them. Just loosen half way.
Step 11
Lower the jack holding the axle and remove the coil spring.
Step 12
Remove the factory rubber sound isolator.
Step 13
Assemble your 66-6095 adjustable coil spacer to the setting you want. The single lower plate equals 1" of lift. The upper and lower plates interlocked equals 1.5" of lift. And the two plates stacked equally (shown) equals 2" of lift. Install the provided M12 bolts into the recessed holes in the lower tear drop plate, then place the top plate onto the lower plate and install the provided bolts to secure the two plates together.
Step 14
Install the ReadyLift adjustable spacer with the M12 bolt facing upwards and into the existing hole in the frame coil bucket. Install the nut and washer to hold the spacer in place.
Step 15
Install the factory rubber sound isolator.
Step 16
Now install the factory coil spring while jacking up the front axle to properly position the spring.
Step 17
Reverse the disassembly process and re-install all hardware you loosened or removed.
Step 18
The final product: a great looking Jeep JK now capable of accepting larger wheels and tires as well as having the flexibility to set the front end height to where YOU want it.
Step 19
At the 2" setting, the new ReadyLift 66-6095 adjustable spacer gives the Jeep a more level appearance and greater wheel well clearance. And alignment will be necessary upon completion.

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