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ReadyLift 2005-2012 Toyota Tacoma and PreRunner 3" Front, 1" Rear Lift Kit -- 69-5055
ReadyLift 2005-2012 Toyota Tacoma and PreRunner 3" Front, 1" Rear Lift Kit -- 69-5055
Sale Price: $339.95
ReadyLift 2005-2012 Toyota Tacoma and PreRunner 2.75"-3.0" Front, 2" Rear Lift Kit -- 69-5056
ReadyLift 2005-2012 Toyota Tacoma and PreRunner 2.75"-3.0" Front, 2" Rear Lift Kit -- 69-5056
Sale Price: $349.95
2012-2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD / SR5 / Rock Warrior - 3.0"F-1.0"R SST Lift Kit  -- 69-5112
2012-2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD / SR5 / Rock Warrior - 3.0"F-1.0"R SST Lift Kit -- 69-5112
Sale Price: $359.95
2012-2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD / SR5 / Rock Warrior - 3.0"F-2.0"R SST Lift Kit  -- 69-5212
2012-2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD / SR5 / Rock Warrior - 3.0"F-2.0"R SST Lift Kit -- 69-5212
Sale Price: $369.95


Increase Ground Clearance and Great Looks With ReadyLift's 3" Mild Lift Kit for the Six-Lug Toyota Tacoma
Text and Photos By Brian McCormick

The 2005-2010 Toyota Tacoma is one of the most versatile trucks made. Branded through many years of popularity, the Tacoma has established itself as a tough compact pickup that provides its owner with many years of trusting use. One of the most popular features of the Tacoma is its ability to adapt to most types of driving environments. But like any truck, there is always room for improvement.

ReadyLift Suspension, Inc, the leader in suspension leveling and mild lift kits for trucks and SUVs has recently completed the engineering legwork on a 3-inch mild lift kit for the 2WD and 4WD 2005-2010 six-lug Tacoma pickups. The kit consists of ReadyLift's SST steel strut extension, one-inch differential drop brackets and one-inch lift block for the rear. The kit comes with all necessary hardware. Installation is simple and requires no strut pre-loading, cutting, or modification of factory installed parts.

The 69-5055 3-inch ReadyLift kit has been designed to afford the six-lug Tacoma owner with the ability to safely raise the truck up enough to increase ground clearance while allowing for larger wheel and tire combinations up to 33-inches in diameter. An alignment will be required when the installation is complete. The following steps illustrate what is involved to complete the installation.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

ReadyLift 69-5055 Kit
The ReadyLift 69-5055 3" Lift Kit Suspension System for the six-lug Toyota Tacoma and PreRunner trucks includes two SST strut spacers, two 1" rear lift blocks, differential and skid plate spacers and all necessary hardware.
Step 1
Step one is to properly jack up the truck and secure on sturdy lift stands, then remove the wheels and tires.
Step 2
Here is a look at the factory suspension. It is worth noting to be sure you allow for plenty of room to work as some steps will be done under the truck.
Step 3
First step in the removal process is to remove the four 12mm bolts that secure the factory skid plate.
Step 4
This kit provides two spacers to lower the differential. The spacers will be inserted between the differential extension mounts and the cross member. Before removing the bolts, place a jack under the differential for support.
Step 5
A 19mm socket is required to remove the differential mount bolt.
Step 6
Completely remove the bolt. A new longer bolt for the spacer is provided with the kit.
Step 7
With a jack under the differential, lower the differential until there is enough clearance to insert the ReadyLift differential drop spacer
Step 8
The spacer installs between the extended mount and the cross member which effectively lower the differential enough to help retain factory geometry specifications
Step 9
Reuse the factory washer and insert the new differential bolt into the mount.
Step 10
Permanently tighten the bolt to factory specifications.
Step 11
In order to be able to create enough room to remove the factory strut, the lower control arm bolts must be loosened. Do not remove the bolts, they only need to be loose.
Step 12
A 19mm socket is required to remove the lower control arm ball joint assembly bolts from the spindle.
Step 13
Hold the lower control arm and remove the lower strut mount bolt. The control arm can be fully lowered once the strut has been detached from the lower control arm mount.
Step 14
Remove the three 14mm nuts that secure the strut to the upper strut frame perch then lower the strut from the suspension and remove from the vehicle.
Step 15
Clear the top of the strut of any debris such as sand and dirt. Then install the ReadyLift SST strut extension onto the top of the strut. The holes in the base of the strut extension will install onto the factory strut mount studs.
Step 16
Install the factory 14mm nuts onto the studs and permanently tighten.
Step 17
Install the strut assembly back into the suspension and install the new nuts enough to secure the strut. The mount nuts will be tightened once the bottom of the strut is secured to the lower control arm.
Step 18
Reinstall the lower strut mount into the lower control arm and install the factory bolt and tighten to factory specs. You may need to use a jack under the control arm make aligning the strut mount easier.
Step 19
For safety reasons, apply a dab of Loctite thread locker to the threads of the lower ball joint bolts before reinstalling them.
Step 20
Reassemble the lower ball joint assembly with the spindle and tighten to factory specs.
Step 21
Tighten the lower control arm hardware to secure the control arm. An alignment will need to be done upon completion of this installation.
Step 22
With those easy steps the front suspension conversion of installing the ReadyLift 3" lift spacer and 1-inch differential drop bracket is complete. Double check all hardware to insure you tightened everything back up.
Step 23
To install the rear lift block, first the factory u-bolt nuts must be removed. The vehicle does not have to be lifted or jacked up in order to remove the bolts.
Step 24
Remove the bolt plate and factory axle bolts.
Step 25
Carefully place a jack under the front of the leaf spring pack near the axle and lift the spring pack up enough off the axle to create enough room to install the ReadyLift 1-inch lift block.
Step 26
Install the new (longer) axle bolts over the leaf springs by placing them in the upper bolt shoulders.
Step 27
Tighten the new axle bolt hardware to the bolt plate and torque to manufacturer specifications. Note: Be sure to check the axle bolt hardware after initial driving.
Step 28
Here is a look at the lift block assembly installed.
Step 29
One of the perks of a mild suspension lift such as this 3" from ReadyLift is that is allows for the upgrading of wheels and tires to something more aggressive and suitable for the adventurous Tacoma. Here we install a set of LT285/65R18 tires, which measure just over 32.50 inches in diameter.
Step 30
As with any new tires, check clearance by turning the wheel fully both directions and check for any contact with the body mount or fender parts.
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